Our favourite 2014 wedding trends

1. The moustache

And I’m not talking about Tom Selleck! It’s no surprise the latest moustache trend has caught up to weddings, whether it be moustache invitations, funny moustache favours, table signs with different moustache styles, moustache place names, moustache props for photos or chocolate moustaches!

Moustache wedding ideas

2. Ruffles

Ruffled wedding dresses, ruffled cakes, ruffled invitations and ruffled wedding décor! Gone are the days where ruffles are associated with fashion faux pars, they’re making an almighty comeback and can be used in a number of different ways at a wedding. My particular favourite is the ruffled cake by Jo at Peek-a-boo cakes.

Ruffle wedding ideas

3. Bum flashing

This year has seen the start of gorgeous brides and their bridesmaids flashing their bottoms for the wedding photography. I’m not really sure how much this one will catch on in the UK (although it’s currently a hot trend in the States), but it’s fun, cheeky and can be done very tastefully so I thought I’d include it!

Wedding party bum flashing

4. Photo booths are in!

Getting people to leave a message in traditional guest books has never been easy and thanks to the growing popularity of photo booths at weddings, the traditional guest book may soon become extinct! Some great ideas have appeared on the market to hire, from retro photo booths and taxi photo booths, to tent photo booths and even karaoke photo booths! All providing multiple copies so one can be stuck in a guestbook with a personal note, and one to take home as a reminder of the day.

Photo booth wedding ideas

5. Bold cake flavours

Once again I’ve been speaking to the wonderful Jo, at Peek-a-boo cakes. She has noticed a big change in flavours this year, it seems to be out with the traditional cake recipes and in with the bold flavours. Instead of fruit, vanilla or chocolate sponge, Jo has has seen a massive rise in requests for bold tasty flavours, such as her banoffee, lime and coconut, bakewell, mint chocolate and chocolate orange flavours! (And I have to say, I have tasted Jo’s mint chocolate cakes and no wonder people are moving away from traditional flavours, Jo’s recipes are incredible!)

6. Romance

Romance has always been a fashionable wedding theme but this year we’ve seen romance themes taken to a new level. Think morning suits, gloved waiters, crystal chandeliers, Victorian candlesticks and white roses. From classic elegance and roaring twenties to a more contemporary feel, and even a hint of sparkle.

Romantic wedding ideas

7. Sweet treats

Ok, this isn’t a new idea, however it seems an ice cream bicycle, sweet jars, pick and mix stands, cookie favours, or amazing dessert tables are becoming the norm for weddings this year. We’ve even seen a few Mr Whippy ice cream trucks, popcorn makers and slushy machines!

Wedding sweet dessert tables

8. Cath Kidston inspired

Cath Kidston prints are everywhere you look and although I’ve only seen one Cath Kidston inspired weddings this year, I predict this will be a trend we see lots more of in 2015 and I can’t wait. From 50’s polka dots, to vintage florals, the gentle elegant feel to Cath Kidston style prints make a great basis for a wedding theme. It can also be easily followed through on all your wedding items, such as your invitations, wedding cake, favours, cookies, table centers and all manners of wedding signage.

Cath Kidston Wedding Ideas

And not being able to help a shameless plug at this point, following your theme through on all these items is something we can help you with. We have recently partnered up with Peek-a-boo cakes and have created a flawless finish by continuing a wedding theme down to every last detail. Check out our facebook page for some photos.

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